How it Works


simpleXecutive is named for the executive function of organizing your software and hardware to work together. Our approach consists of a methodology—including blueprints, language, and tool-set—that our team applies to your project, working in close collaboration with you. We do the work and you get the benefit—in as little as a few weeks.
Here's how we do it:

  • Capture your proposed top-level design—including behavior, structure, hardware and more—in engineering REAL® (Real-time Executable Architecture Language) blueprints.
  • Create a formal system design model from the REAL blueprints.
  • Analyze the model for completeness and consistency using our SIMPLEX® static analysis tools to overcome integrity hazards.
  • Create a performance model synthesizing real-time operation.
  • Analyze the model’s behavior and performance using our SIMPLEX dynamic analysis tools.
  • Consider alternatives, “what if” changes, and trade studies and run them through the simpleXecutive methodology.
  • Optimize your design by choosing the best alternative.

With this process, you can identify and resolve traditional back-end challenges of integration and performance before they lead to delays and cost overruns. simpleXecutive methodology is a traditional waterfall approach to system development that focuses on risk reduction, while adding Agile-like immediate feedback and flexibility.

With simpleXecutive, you likewise reduce risk, so you can be confident that your system will perform as you expect. And you can use simpleXecutive anytime—during a proposal, at the start of a project, or when you’re in a bind with traditional approaches.