simpleXecutive Delivers Results


simpleXecutive Delivers More Than Any Other Approach

Optimizes design—Designs with simpleXecutive meet 100% of performance requirements because you optimize the design via multiple rounds of testing at the start of the project, before investing in implementation.

Reduces cost—Projects using simpleXecutive are typically completed within 10% of estimated cost. Projects using traditional methodologies such as Agile and IBM Rhapsody, produce average cost over-runs of 80%.

Speeds time to market—By avoiding the need for expensive redesign, simpleXecutive avoids the time-consuming delays associated with that rework. Projects are completed faster and project owners benefit sooner.

Validates requirements—System designs and requirements are evolved collaboratively, simultaneously validating both. Components are developed to validated specifications.

Reduces risk—With simpleXecutive, costs aren’t just lower and schedules faster, they are both also more reliable . There’s less risk that projects will experience delays or cost overruns creating less need for contingency planning and budget reviews.

Preserves investment—Designers can use simpleXecutive while leveraging their existing investment in tools and expertise. simpleXecutive complements, rather than replaces, open source and proprietary development languages, tools, and environments.

Promotes agility—simpleXecutive can be applied at any phase of development, so it’s always an option. Use it for proposals and kick off project development to ensure a smooth, effective process; use it after traditional methodologies create unexpected problems, delays, and costs; use it to evaluate future upgrades.