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777  Redesigned the Cabin Management System using SIMPLEX tools. This resulted in reduced bus bandwidth by a factor of four while adding message error detection. Node loading reduced by 85% while improving system performance to exceed specifications. This was accomplished without changing the processing or communications hardware.


Boeing CCS defined the architecture (hardware and network configuration) and structured the Application (combining the functionality of AWACS, Rivit Joint, and JSTARS) into a unified operational system mounted in a Boeing 767 airframe. The Air Force specifically cited the system engineering trades in the successful phase I proposal.


DOD For the Office of the Secretary of Defense, CCS successfully performed a SBIR contract for ‘Robust Complex Systems’ addressing a real-time system fault detection and recovery technique applicable to multiprocessor nodes.


Dreamliner, Smiths Aerospace, GE Aviation CCS reduced the aggregate avionics load from over 50 separate software partitions down from 24 equivalent processors to fit into 16 with 33% unused growth capacity. This was accomplished by careful allocation and tuning the software partitions to the fixed processor time slices.



Medtronics Physio Control  CCS defined and established a formal Systems Engineering capability while supporting their new diffubulator development.


PHILIPS Advanced Technology Labs CCS defined and established a formal Systems Engineering group and optimized the performance of their advanced Ultrasound machine.